Business owners have a tough problem to face. More customers are becoming accustomed to having free wifi access in your establishments and you are challenged with giving wireless access while still protecting your internal network. If you’re a smart business owner this should give you some pause. Giving out the wireless password not only makes you responsible for all traffic that your customers might do while connected but it also gives access to the same network that your business devices reside on. If you have internet connected cash registers, VoIP phones, or security cameras you have given any wireless user access to those devices as well. This one action could end up being very bad for you and your business.

Now let’s say you were a smart business owner and didn’t just start giving out the wireless password to anyone that asked. You engaged some networking vendors who sold you a device that would help you to administer a wireless network more securely (Meraki anybody?). Armed with this new hardware that you paid thousands of dollars for, you have a warm lovely feeling of security in your business. Unfortunately, a feeling of security does not equal actual security. Hackers are very aware of the hardware measures used by small businesses to try and secure the network. And simply having a device to protect your network, does not mean your network is protected.

Hackers can employ a wide variety of techniques to gain access or cause havoc to your business. From VLAN hopping attacks to handshake cracking to Denial of Service attacks, given enough time a dedicated individual can find a way in. On the defensive side, your business has to find and mitigate 100% of the potential vulnerabilities to be secure but the hacker only has to find one way to get inside your network. From there, it’s open season on your business and all devices connected. Data, such as credit card information, can be stolen to later be sold on the black market. Bank account information can be used to steal your hard earned money. Or malware can be installed that can hold your computers for ransom until you pay money for the hackers to release it. All this because you gave out your wifi password and didn’t properly secure your network.

The average business owner or IT technician is not properly equipped to deal with these hacking threats. The “Pros” may say you are secure, but how do you really know? This is where Hack Proof Secure IT can help your business. We take a look at your network from the hackers point of view. We find and exploit vulnerabilities in your network and locate every single way a hacker could get into your systems. Then we can take all this information to close the holes in your network and make you secure once again. Statistics say that more than half of small businesses fold within 6 months of a cyber security attack. These attacks are real and have real consequences. Contact us today for a FREE basic security assessment and start taking your business security seriously. Don’t wait until it’s too late, because sometimes there is no coming back after you’ve been hacked.